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Which Odds Are Likely to Win?

If you’re considering betting on a game, it’s important to know which odds are likely to win. If the odds are large, then the underdogs are considered the favorites, and if they’re small, they’re considered longshots expotab. However, if you’re betting on a game where you’re not sure of the outcome, you can still take a risk by betting on the underdogs.

Typically, you can make a profit by betting on low to medium-priced sports events. This strategy can help you secure high returns without increasing your risks. For example, you can bet EUR1 on Burnley to win the EPL at 3.50 odds, and receive a EUR1,000 return. However, you should know that this scenario is rare.

Odds are calculated by comparing two numbers and a favorite option against the underdog. The smallest number on the board is the favorite, while the largest number is the underdog. The odds are usually simple to understand. When you’re looking at European odds, you can easily figure out which team is the underdog, which is the opposite of betting on a favorite.


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